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Model# SPDS1080

Solid Phenolic DuraLineSeries® 1080/2080

Solid Phenolic DuraLineSeries® 1080/2080
    Model# SPDS1080
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    Water-resistant, solid phenolic stiles, panels and doors are constructed of solidly fused plastic laminate with matte-finish melamine surfaces, colored face sheets, and black phenolic-resin core that are integrally bonded; and covered by a 15-year limited warranty against breakage, corrosion, and delamination. Stiles and doors are 3/4'' (19mm) thick; panels are 1/2'' (13mm) thick. All units meet ICC, NFPA Class B, ASTM E-84 Interoir Wall and Ceiling Finish Classification: flame spread 30, smoke development 55. Stiles have leveling device that is concealed by a one-piece, type-304, satin-finish stainless steel shoe that is 4'' (102mm) high. Headrails for overhead-braced compartments are anodized aluminum with satin finish.
    **All door hardware and mounting brackets are type-304 stainless steel with satin finish. No door hardware or mounting brackets are exposed on exterior of compartments, except on outswing doors. All doors are supplied with three hinges. Threaded inserts are factory installed for securing hinges and door latches. Theft-resistant, stainless steel pin-in-head, torx screws are furnished for door hardware and all mounting brackets. A clothes hook is furnished for each door. Hinges are adjustable to hold doors of unoccupied compartments partially open or fully closed, and shall allow a locked compartment to be opened from outside by lifting door to disengage latch from keeper.
    **To specify Institutional hardware, replace end of specification paragraph with: .67 option All door hardware, U-channels, and angle brackets are type-304 stainless steel with satin finish: one-piece, full-height hinges are 16 gauge (1.6mm); one-piece door keepers are 11 gauge (3.2mm); one-piece, full-height U-channels and angle brackets are 18 gauge (1.2mm). U-channels are furnished to secure panels to stiles, and angle brackets furnished to secure panels and stiles to walls. Hinges allow locked compartment to be opened in emergency from outside by lifting door to disengage latch from keeper. Doors are equipped with a self-closing hinge. Threaded inserts are factory installed to secure all door hinges and latches.


    • Recommended for Prestige Locations
    • Durable, solid-core construction with fused melamine surface
    • Architectural black edge design
    • Non-ghosting graffiti removal
    • 1182 Class A ASTM E84
    • 1082 Class B ASTM E84
    • 15 year warranty
    • Scratch, dent, moisture, impact resistant


    • Up to 25 compartments, ship 10 workdays after order approval; no extra charge

    18 Standard Colors

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