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Model# OTY-001

Little Trampoline

Little Trampoline
    Model# OTY-001
    Regular Price: $175.90
    Sale Price: $87.95
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    Little Trampoline is big on benefits.
    It is the finest children's bouncer on the market today. It's unique product design allows for easy storage when not in use - which will not be often!.
    While the little ones develop co-ordination and muscle control with the safe Little Trampoline, they build athleticismand feel accomplishment,
    The activity known to aid development of co-ordination and balance in growing children. The coordination developed then carries over to every other physical activity. Bouncing on a trampoline also develops in the child understanding of proper balance.
    Two other benefits bouncing on the trampoline offers are learning of rhythm and bilateral motor skill development. When on a trampoline, body's left side and right side must bounce in unison, and the individual must also maintain a steady body rhythm. Learning to bounce has been also noted to improve bilateral motor skill development.
    Trampolining is also a good activity to get uncoordinated or hesitant children to begin physical activities. Since it is easy to use, and the child sees immediate success, this success builds upon itself.
    Trampolines have been noted to even influence children’s academic success. Huge improvements have been noted in areas of total visual and body control that are necessary for success in the classroom.


    • EASY ASSEMBLY - only 4 screws in assembly
    • TRAMPOLINE MAT pre -assembled
    • Frame is totally foldable
    • Suitable for outdoor or indoor use
    • Holds 1 child up to 150 pounds
    • Age 3 years +
    • Great for Special Needs kids
    • Extra safety - comes with padded frame cover and handle
    • Meets and exceeds all United States safety standards that exist today. Including ASTM CERTIFICATIONS & HR4040


    Age Limit: Ages 3+

    Shipping weight 19 lb

    Shipping box 28 ½" x 16" x 6"

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