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Model# AC-008

Mirrored Fish on the Wall

Mirrored Fish on the Wall
    Model# AC-008
    Regular Price: $295.50
    Sale Price: $199.99
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    This mirrored fish is no ordinary fish. It is a Blowfish! It inspires awe and demands exploration. Sure to captivate both children and adults. As you move closer to the center of this large convex mirror, the image flips upside down and then right side up! You can even try shaking your own hand! Physics becomes a fun and fascinating experience for kids of all ages. Decorative and fun for any office, waiting room, or play area! Hang it up and watch as children become fascinated by it!

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    • Ages 2+
    • 28inches x 28inches x 5inches
    • Made in the USA
    • Wall mounting hardware included
    • 10 lbs


    Age Limit: Ages 2+

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