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Model# KB134-PLLD

KB134-PLLD Plastic Liner Dispenser

KB134-PLLD Plastic Liner Dispenser
    Model# KB134-PLLD
    Regular Price: $95.00
    Sale Price: $52.02


    Wall-mounted, top-loading unit holds approximately 20 three-ply chemical-free biodegradable sanitary liners (KB150-99) for use with Koala Baby Changing Stations or other brands that lack sanitary liners. Transparent plastic design allows maintenance staff to tell at a glance whether unit needs restocking


    • Wall-mounted and top-loading
    • Capacity to hold approximately 20 three-ply sanitary liners (KB150-99)
    • Transparent plastic design allows quick restocking
    • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • Lifetime Vandalism Warranty


    Unit Dimensions: 6¼inches W x 7⅝inches H x 3.93inches D (159 x 194 x 100 mm)

    Shipping Weight: 1 lb

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