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Model# B-2012

Automatic Wall-Mounted Soap Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic Wall-Mounted Soap Sanitizer Dispenser
    Model# B-2012
    Regular Price: $250.50
    Sale Price: $126.44


    This item is used by many Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient ambulatory clinics.
    Any commercial entity that is looking for a sturdy dispenser that can dispense hand sanitizers or soap in a commercial setting will appreciate the features of this product.
    This Stainless Steel Satin finish dispenser is an automatic wall-mounted liquid soap/disinfectant dispenser.
    Corrosion-resistant valve is designed to dispense a variety of liquid soaps and disinfectants.
    The valve in this dispenser is sensor-activated and does not require contact with the dispenser to function.
    The dispenser has a lockable housing and it is equipped with a clear acrylic refill-indicator window and that can be hinged for refilling and maintenance.
    The dispenser container has capacity of 850 ml (30-fl oz) and has CE Certification

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